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Company Logo Refresh | Oct 2019

AG Building and Landscape Design approached me for a redesign of their company logo to include their new venture Landscape Design.

Starting with the foundations

With their business growing, AG Biulding found themselves taking on a variety of new jobs. They felt it was time to give their business an updated logo. I was approached by Adam who already had a few ideas of what he wanted the logo to look like. So we sat down and had a chat over (a few) bevs.

We decided upon a logo that first and foremost, stands out. I always find the best Logos are not the ones that have the most detailed designs, they are the ones that are simple, straight to the point and relatable to the business.

Take your pick

I really wanted to capture a bit of what the boys did in this new logo, but without complicating it. Using Adobe Illustrator I designed the bricks and the grass. Incorporate these small and subtle designs into the logo allowed me to represent both sides of their services without overpowering the logo. 

Wrapped up and ready to go

Once AG decided on their final logo, all the different files were wrapped up into a folder so they could use it for their clothing, vans, and social media! It’s great to see the logo finished and the businesses continuing growth after the hard work put in!

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