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Custom WordPress Website | Jan 2020

A bespoke WordPress website for Contract Curtains and Soft Furnishings company Bridge Contract Interiors. Including a shop with over 200 products, customisable wishlist, projects portfolio, and Blog page.

Planning to Bridge the gap

With business continually growing Bridge were in desperate need of an updated website. Director Brendan approached me with the vision to grow Bridge’s online presence, not only by generating more leads but by sending out a strong brand message. The previous website was outdated and was not only difficult to navigate for the user, but it was also difficult for any staff at Bridge to make changes.

I sat down with Brendan, who talked me through the business, their goals and what he wanted from the website. After we spoke I had a good idea of what he was trying to achieve. I went away and created a digital concept wireframe to give us something to work with going forward.

Bringing Bridge to life

It was already clear to me that the existing website lacked user engagement. I used programs such as Hotjar and Google Analytics in the early stages of development to track users’ movements and what they were doing on the website. Although feeling like a bit of a stalker, these tools give you great insights into what’s really working (and what’s not) on a website.

I made sure in the new design a number of subtle hover elements were included, where the user would have to hover over to reveal the information. Not only does it look great, but it also gives the user more engagement opportunities and prompts them to browse further and view more.

Easy for everyone

One of the apparent problems for Bridge was that their current website wasn’t manageable for the staff. Every time they wanted to change anything on the website they would have to contact their web developer and wait until he was free to update it. This, of course, was very frustrating for them. The great thing about a bespoke WordPress website is that the backend is S I M P L E to use!

Admins are now able to create blog posts, products and projects in the backend with text and images and once published the WordPress website will automatically do its magic and transform the page from a template to a beautifully designed webpage!

Shop ’til you drop

With over 200 new products, Bridge’s outdated shop page was totally transformed, including a customisable wishlist where users are able to choose their favourite fabrics and add them to their list. Once inside the list users can order free fabric samples – no login required!

Generating leads, straight from the top

Leads were stale and the website’s contact form had cobwebs on it! One of the main goals of the new website was to implement a strategy that would enable users to get in contact from anywhere on the site with the aim to generate more leads. 

Inside the Nav, the ‘quick enquiry’ button was created, directing the user straight down to the quick enquiry section. In this section, there is a simple contact form where the user can get in touch with Bridge and get a reply within 1 hour Monday-Friday!

As always, mobile and tablet friendly

Although most of Bridge’s traffic comes from desktop users. It’s important to remember that mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. So, as with all my websites, this custom website is fully responsive on all devices.

Check it out!

This custom website was finished in early 2020. Taking approximately 1 month to build. The website so far has been a huge success, bringing in more leads in the first couple of months than the old website did in years! Most importantly, users are staying, traffic is rising and Bridge’s reputation is continuing to grow! Check out the site today on – Bridge Contract Interiors Website 2020

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