UX Design & Custom Web App | Dec 2018

As a student at the University of Gloucestershire, I undertook a project that involved designing, building and marketing my own events web app.

Reinvent your nightlife

The whole idea of UNiEVENTS stemmed from my own frustrations when having to search various nightclub websites to buy tickets for events, especially in towns and cities I hadn’t been to before.

So I created UNiVENTS. An app that offers exciting new events and exclusive discounts for students. Developed to provide a service which engages, simplifies and enhances the user experience on a mobile platform.

Direction nightclub

Once registered to UNiVENTS, students are able to log in and access exclusive events and discounts which are discoverable through the map feature.

The student can either search or see events in close proximity. Once purchased, the event tickets are accessible from the ‘my tickets’ tab. This also allows the student to present their tickets at the event without having to print out tickets with the worry of losing them!

Once the event is finished the student has the option to rate the event and share this with friends and others. 

Promotional Prints

As part of the project, it was required that I created promotional marketing prints for the app. These were created in Photoshop and illustrator.

This project was 100% one of my favorites to date, I was given creative freedom and was able to merge my web skills with a business idea I felt a strong need for!

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